About Us


My Approach

I approach my attorney client relationships with an eye for solutions and litigation prevention.  Let's be clear, I am an experienced litigator and I enjoy time in any courtroom setting. However, over the course of my professional career, I have never encountered a client where litigation was the perfect solution.  Litigation has pitfalls for every client which includes loss of revenue, time, stress, uncertainty in outcomes and further deterioration of relationships.

I create solutions that help prevent litigation in the future.  Whether it is ensuring family law orders contain provisions specific to your situation or creating business contracts that help insulate the business from employee or customer law suits, I work to meet my client's goals.

My Background

I could write a book about all of my life and professional experiences that have shaped my legal views and business relationships. Since that book is unwritten, here are the cliff notes:


Daphne Trombley

Managing Attorney

  • 6.5 Years - Child Support and Family Law
  • 8 Years -  Military Law
  • 5 Years - Contracts and Business Entities
  • 12 Years - State Government Experience
  • 5 Years - Supervisory and Management Experience
  • 15+ Speaking and Training Engagements
  • 75 + Hearings and Bench Trials
  • 2007 Licensed in Texas
  • 2006 Proud Graduate of South Texas College of Law

Next Steps...

Now that you are armed with more information about me, here is my first tip for you: Don't wait until you have a pressing legal issue to look for an attorney.  The earlier that I am involved, the better chance we have of creating solutions that will save you in the long haul.