Thinking about death is nobody's favorite pastime.  Luckily, Daphne is here to help you through the process at every stage so that you can obtain the peace of mind that you deserve.

Divorce and Child Support

Daphne can show you how to resolve your family law issues without drama and unnecessary conflict.  If the OAG or CPS is involved, then you need a lawyer with the experience to protect your rights.

Business Entities

Starting a business?  You need an attorney who can assist you throughout the entire process.  With the correct information upfront, you can avoid the pitfalls that can mean the difference between success and closing the doors.


A True General Practitioner

Your life is complex.  At any given time you may have issues covering multiple areas of law at the same time.  Why hire multiple lawyers or leave yourself without adequate advice?  Daphne, as a general practitioner, is one of a small number of attorneys who have actual experience in several areas of law.  Criminal law, Entertainment Law, Business Law, Military Law, Family Law, Consumer Law and Landlord Tenant Law.  Daphne has you covered...

An Engaging Public Speaker

Looking for a dynamic legal speaker for your next event?  Daphne can present as keynote or member of a panel on a variety of legal topics.  Her past engagements have included child support navigation, military child support, and UIFSA CLEs.


Start Now....

Daphne's first tip for you is to start now.  Don't wait until you have a pressing legal issue to look for an attorney.  Starting a relationship now with a trusted legal professional will complete the team you need to combat any problem that life throws your way.